I wish I had known, that I could be the advocate my child needed...

1 in 5 children has dyslexia.
It's common, but reading instruction in the classroom is still not guided by science.

Unfortunately, myths, misinformation, and bad advice are everywhere.

Luckily, as parents, we know that our children with dyslexia are intelligent, highly creative, and waiting to be empowered.

My free short video reveals everything I wish I'd known when starting on my journey of dyslexia with my son, and what I've learned helping countless other children over the years.

For Parents of Children with Diagnosed
(or Suspected) Dyslexia

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    April Coggins

    Dyslexia Specialist

    Who am I?

    I'm a parent of a child with dyslexia who became an educator after my son started struggling with learning how to read.

    I have an MS in Special Education and have been trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach for both reading and math, as well as other evidence-based teaching methodologies.

    I currently own Bright Minds Tutoring in Wilmington, NC, which specializes in helping children with dyslexia.

    What will you learn?

    Strategies to build your child's self-esteem and increase their motivation to learn

    How to shift your mindset to help your child focus on his or her strengths

    How to prepare your child for potentially difficult conversations that could arise with classmates and friends

    Why you may be taught lies about dyslexia, how to spot them, and where to find the truth